About Us: Carr Farm

Carr Farm is a family project.  In 2015 we moved from our home of 15 years in the city to an old farmhouse in the middle of a small pecan orchard in the middle of pumpkin country.  The house, the orchard, and the land needed a lot of work.  It was a good opportunity to get our small kids closer to the earth and closer to God.  With the move came a project to build a small farm operation starting with the pecan trees, then cage-free chicken & duck eggs, and most recently a vegetable patch.  It is important to teach our kids about where food comes from, how to work hard, and what it means to share with others.  All of the work here is done by our family and we share the revenue within the family based on how much each person works.  If one kid works more than another, they make more.  There are no participation trophies here.

The Farm

The farm is divided into 14 zones of different vegetable groups.  We are able to grow much of the year with rotating crops.  We use as little water as possible with a computer controlled drip system.  We try to avoid chemical application as much as possible, but we don’t claim to be an organic operation.  On three sides are commercial farms that grow things like cotton, corn, and pumpkins.  The neighbors are wonderful people and very helpful in showing us how to get the most out of our work.